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Aegis, (ee-jis), means the power to protect or support someone or something.  It is also a symbolic means of describing the protection or patronage of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source.

At Aegis we protect you for peace of mind.

In Greek Mythology

The Aegis is a shield used by Zeus and Athena. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, reason, and war, is the main user of the shield.  The Aegis is the symbol of divine sovereignty.  It also refers to the potential destroyer aspect of the goddess.  Within the divine are the three energies of creation, preservation and destruction.  But above all, the Aegis signifies wisdom.

Our Story

Our agency is founded by 5 members that are very passionate about helping clients by providing premier service and partnering with other agents and advisors to extend these services.

We all share many stories of what drove us to providing auto and home insurance and stay committed to the industry but our auto and home story started in 2010 when one of our members left for work one morning and received an unexpected call that his house was on fire. In a split second, he lost his home, all his valuables and his beloved dog. He is grateful that his wife and kids were not home. This terrible, frightening and life changing experience reshaped his entire view on protection and financial wellness. As an advisor he never focused on property and casualty but he had a new understanding of the devastating impact to one’s finances when not properly covered.

We have made it our mission to educate other agents, brokers and advisors on the importance of reviewing one’s auto and home policies and educating the client on the proper coverage. This mission turned into a passion that we share and Aegis Risk Solutions was born.

We are a full service personal lines organization that assists financial planners, life producers, CPA and various other partners in protecting their clients’ assets…

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